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Game Square is in the business of "Delivering Interactive Gaming experience to Gamers regardless of channels, regardless of platforms". Game Square publishes, markets, distributes and develops games that entertain players with dazzling new worlds and astounding experiences. Based in Thailand, Game Square works with technology partners from around the world and local talent to deliver world class games to players. Game Square (http://www.gamesquare.net) is also a Square, an open area where development studios in USA, Europe, Asia and Local talents can tap gaming's markets worldwide. The company provides quality control, cutting-edge technology and invaluable experience to help studios thrive in a competitive industry by meeting the high expectations of today's gamers. We offer full services for Game Industry in PC, Consoles and Mobile Devices platform. Game Square is focusing on services in these areas:
  1. Game Development
  2. Game Marketing
  3. Game Porting
  4. Game Localization
Game Square Company Limited was registered in Thailand in 2003 as a sole-proprietorship business. Game Square main objective is to grow the business to meet the market strong trend of the increasing demand for Game regardless of the platform. We will cover the services for Game in these major platforms:
  1. Consoles Game
  2. PC Game
  3. Mobile Devices
  4. Social Network Game
In addition to the launch of future games, Game Square will expand its business to other regions including Asia, Europe and USA. The first cooperation internationally is with Gamenet (Asia) Co., Ltd (www.gamenetasia.com) in Hong Kong. The result of the cooperation is Gamenet (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. During the period of year 2003 – 2004, Gamenet (Hong Kong) had published on-line PC game Navy Field in Hong Kong and Macau (www.navyfield.com.hk). The local strategic partner in Thailand, Just Sunday, they have launched 2 online games in Thailand, The King of Kings (http://kok.justsunday.co.th/) in 2003 and Fairy Land (www.fairyland.in.th) in 2004. As for the mobile Device game market gaining popularity in Southeast Asia Region, Game Square has a subsidiary software house ‘Game Square Interactive' to form a specialized Mobile Device Gaming Department.